Hoover Pole Buildings

The Hoover Difference

  1. Treated post set on precast concrete pad.
  2. Treated skirtboard around perimeter.
  3. Southern yellow pine girts and purlins.
  4. Pre-engineered clear span truss, 20' to 60' width.
  5. All clear span truss nailed and bolted to post.
  6. All truss assembled with steel connector plates.
  7. Continuous catwalk bracing entire length of building.
  8. Insulated metal service door.
  9. All metal trim prepainted.
  10. .0172 inch nominal thickness 80,000 PSI high tensil strength steel on walls and roof.
  11. Steel roofing and siding galvanized underneath and polyester finish paint coatings.
  12. White finish on interior.
  13. All untreated lumber covered with metal trim.
  14. White vinyl backed insulation available.


Available Colors

Colors shown will vary based on your monitor type and settings. Actual metal samples are available. Due to product improvements, changes and other factors, Hoover Pole Buildings reserves the right to change or delete information herein without prior notice.




  • 25-year limited paint warranty
  • 10-year fade and chalk
  • 12 popular colors
  • Dirt and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
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